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Why Caffeine Tablets Are More Eco-friendly Than Pre-made Drinks

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The world runs on caffeine. In the United States alone, 85% of adults consume caffeine regularly, but that habit often comes with a harsh environmental impact. The production of and packaging for pre-made caffeinated drinks has a profoundly negative impact on our planet. Let’s explore some statistics around this environmental emergency and why eco-conscious caffeine consumers should get their fix from caffeine tablets.

Coffee Production Is Tough on the Environment

According to industry experts, it takes almost 37 gallons of water to produce enough coffee beans to make one cup of coffee. That’s twice the amount of water needed for your morning shower! In a world where 1 in 10 people lack access to clean drinking water, is that really a smart or humanitarian use of our resources?

The problem doesn’t end there. Researchers have identified a handful of ways coffee production negatively impacts the environment around coffee plantations:

  • Growing sun-grown coffee beans has led to 2.5 million acres of deforested land in Central America.
  • Fertilizers and pesticides poison local waterways, vegetation and soil.
  • Harvesting coffee beans results in significant soil erosion, depositing organic pollutants into waterways and robbing underwater plants of essential nutrients.

Is your morning boost worth depleting our planet of vital resources?

Coffee and Energy Drink Containers Choke Ecosystems

Let’s shift our focus to coffee and energy drink packaging. In the US, we throw away 108 billion disposable cups per year. Considering how much we love coffee, coffee cups make up a huge portion of that. While some are recycled, many find their ways into otherwise pristine parks and clean waterways.

If you’re an energy drink devotee, your aluminum cans take up to 200 years to decompose completely. That may be a shorter lifespan than plastic bottles, but it’s still plenty of time for animals and sea life to be harmed by it.

Caffeine Tablets: An Environmentally-friendly Caffeine Product

Don’t worry, though — eco-conscious caffeine consumers don’t have to give up their habit in the name of a cleaner world. There’s a more environmentally-friendly caffeine alternative to pre-made drinks: caffeine tablets. One package of Jet-Alert® caffeine tablets can contain up to 120 servings of either regular or double-strength caffeine tablets so you can maintain focus with a cleaner conscience. Even if you consume multiple cups of coffee or cans of energy drinks per day, a package of caffeine tablets could keep you moving for months.

That means you get all of the benefits of caffeine without relying on water-wasting coffee beans or hazardous disposable cups and cans. If you’re ready to replace coffee and energy drinks with caffeine tablets, look for Jet-Alert® caffeine tablets on Amazon or your local retail store. Still have questions? Feel free to contact Jet-Alert® today.