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Is Caffeine the Best Pre-workout Supplement?

Is Caffeine the Best Pre-workout Supplement?

Five o’clock is only a few ticks away and in the parking lot, your gym bag is planted firmly in the backseat of your car. Whether you’re hitting the treadmill, the elliptical, or the squat rack, you’re going to need the energy and alertness to push through.

For most gym-goers, it would be time for a pre-workout supplement. But there are so many, some with ingredients lists that seem to unfurl from the plastic tub and roll down the store aisle.

So what works?

High at the top of multiple lists of best pre-workout supplements is our old friend, Caffeine. According to Medical News Today, Caffeine “helps people sustain high-intensity workouts with less fatigue.”

When you’re trying to rack that last rep you want some gas left in the tank and caffeine has been proven to help keep you going longer.

How else can it help?

Caffeine can help in many areas of fitness performance.

It can increase strength and boost your first step. It has shown results for sprinters, weight lifters, and cyclists.

“Studies have also shown that it can improve performance during long-duration endurance events, such as running and cycling, as well as during intermittent activities like soccer,” according to

This all sounds pretty great. Whether you’re walking into your next HIIT session or you’re ready to crank out four sets on the leg press, caffeine is a simple and effective go-to.

How much should you take?

If you’re wondering what the right dose for you is, also provided some guidelines. The recommended dose is 1.4 – 2.7 mg per pound. So, for someone who weighs 150 pounds, the recommended dose would be between 200-400mg.

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