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The Answers to Your Top Caffeine Pill Questions

An easy-to-take alternative to bitter tasting coffee and sugary energy drinks, caffeine pills have been on the market for many years. Even so, they are a product that many consumers still have questions about.

We often get questions from consumers about our Jet-Alert® caffeine pills, so we’ve decided to share with you the answers to some of your most-asked questions.

Are caffeine pills safe?

One of our mottos is, “Safe as Coffee”. When used as directed, taking caffeine pills are just as safe as drinking a couple cups of coffee per day.

This article by outlines the safety of caffeine pills very well.

How many caffeine pills should I take?

The answer to this question varies from person to person.

Are you an individual who never drinks coffee or energy drinks and is looking for a way to boost your energy levels on sluggish afternoons at work? You may only need one tablet of Jet-Alert Regular Strength Caffeine to get you going. One tablet of this 100mg formula is the equivalent of a cup of coffee – plenty for the body that isn’t used to caffeine consumption.

Are you someone who drinks 3+ cups of coffee to get through the average day? Then you might want to opt for Jet-Alert’s 200mg Double Strength Caffeine formula. One tablet of this product is the equivalent of two cups of coffee. And tablets are easy to cut in half in case you only need “one” extra cup in the afternoon.

Always make sure to follow the dosage instructions on the labeling. You can also find Jet-Alert Regular Strength dosage instructions here and Jet-Alert Double Strength dosage instructions here.

Are caffeine pills effective?

Yes, Jet-Alert caffeine pills are as effective as coffee. Depending on your caffeine needs, you may prefer our 100mg Regular Strength Caffeine formula or our 200mg Double Strength Caffeine formula.

Not only do they work as well as coffee, caffeine pills can also help you avoid the yellow teeth many coffee drinkers face, and are much more economical. The average cost of a 100mg caffeine tablet is $0.06 as opposed to a $2.00+ cup of coffee.

Do caffeine pills expire?

Like all tablet formula items, caffeine pills do expire. Date of expiry is typically 5 years after manufacturing. Expired caffeine pills won’t have any harmful effect on your body, they just might not be the optimal potency.

Not sure if your caffeine pills are expired or not? Check the bottom of the carton or the label on the bottle.

Where can I find caffeine pills?

Caffeine pills can typically be found in the analgesic aisle of your drug store, grocery store, or mass retailer.

Looking for Jet-Alert caffeine pills in particular? Click here to find the retailer nearest you. Jet-Alert is also sold on, here.

Have another caffeine pill question? Looking for more information on Jet-Alert’s regular strength and double strength caffeine tablets? Ask us in the comments section below!